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Tablevibe helps you own and grow your customer relationships in minutes. It can be used on a self-serve basis and does not require any technical implementation

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Experience types

Select if you would like to capture feedback from dine-in, delivery or both types of customers. Your surveys will be up an running in seconds!

Dine in


Define your reward

You decide what reward your customers receive in exchange for their feedback. Popular options include “$5 off on your next visit” and “10% discount on any new takeaway order”.
Reward conditions are often used to drive traffic to your restaurant during off-peak hours or promote direct orders. In example: “Reward is valid Mon-Thu” or “Reward is valid for takeaway orders”.

Invite customers
to share feedback

Simply add a Tablevibe QR code on your food delivery packages or present it to your dine-in customers. Completing the survey takes 1
minute. Positive customers are prompted to
share their feedback on Google. It's a great way
to capture feedback and boost your online reputation at the same time.

Drive customer satisfaction

All your customer feedback shows up in an
easy-to-use performance dashboard. Understand which venues and waiters do well and directly contact customers to learn more.

Act on the insights and see your customer ratings improve over time. You can also add customer
email addresses to your email marketing lists.

Redeem loyalty rewards

Customers receive a reward voucher via email
upon survey completion. You decide when and
where customers can redeem their reward.

You can share a discount code for your preferred online ordering portal. To redeem a dine-in
reward, simply scan the reward voucher in the
email with any phone or tablet. Your waiters can
also see what feedback the customer provided
and follow up on any compliments or suggestions.

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