Press release: Y Combinator-backed Tablevibe raises US$1.5 Million to help restaurants capture customer data and drive direct digital sales

Tablevibe raised a US$1.5M seed investment round led by venture capital firm Global Founders Capital.‍

Tablevibe, a software startup focused on capturing customer data and driving direct sales for restaurants, raised a US$1.5M seed investment round led by venture capital firm Global Founders Capital.

The startup was part of Y Combinator’s most recent batch. Travel and Hospitality VC Velocity Ventures and multiple Angel investors, among which Farouk Kadous, founder of African fast-food chain Chickin Worx, also participated in the seed round.

Tablevibe’s founding team includes two ex-Google business leaders; Jeroen Rutten and Mathieu Sneep. They are joined by Guido Caldara, a former lead teacher at coding bootcamp Le Wagon.

Reducing reliance on delivery apps

Restaurants and Cloud Kitchens increasingly rely on delivery apps. These apps demand a 20–40% revenue share and typically don’t share customer data. As a result, restaurants don’t know who their customers are and their margins are under pressure.

With Tablevibe, F&B businesses simply print QR codes on food packages and bill folders to request customer feedback and emails. Positive customers post their 5-star rating directly on Google. In return, customers get a discount on their next order, if placed directly with the restaurant.

This enables eateries to capture valuable customer data, boost their online reputation and grow repeat sales, while saving 20–40% in delivery app fees.

Direct-to-consumer is the future of the F&B industry

The global pandemic drove a seismic shift towards digital commerce in the F&B industry. While 70% of consumers say they would rather order directly from a restaurant, many restaurants lack the tools to drive direct-to-consumer relationships.

Jeroen Rutten, CEO of Tablevibe says that:

“Direct-to-consumer is the future of the F&B industry and unlocking this strategy for restaurants is a multi-trillion dollar business opportunity. This investment will help us launch a direct ordering and loyalty solution in the first half of 2022.
We recently closed a partnership with DoorDash which will allow restaurants to accept orders via Tablevibe and get them delivered to customers via their drivers. It will significantly decrease cost-of-sales for our partners and empower them to own their customer relationships”.

Partnered with hundreds of restaurants from leading hospitality groups

Since its official launch early 2021, the startup partnered with hundreds of restaurants from industry leaders like CloudEats, Les Amis Group, The Lo & Behold Group, Vascobelo and Burger & Lobster. CloudEats sees “5.1X more customers share their feedback and emails after adopting Tablevibe” while Les Amis Group noted that “Tablevibe is a game-changer. In just 3 weeks, we captured feedback and emails from over 1500 customers”.