Merci Marcel: “Tablevibe drives 103X ROI and provides a very convenient way to collect honest feedback”

"Up to 25% of our guests share feedback via Tablevibe with us", An interview with Antoine Rouland, Co-founder at Merci Marcel Group.

Antoine Rouland, Co-founder at Merci Marcel Group believes that guest experiences are fundamental to creating a strong brand in today’s hyper competitive restaurant industry. Here’s how Tablevibe helped this group of French café-restaurants with a bohemian chic touch drive 103X Return on Investment (ROI).

Hi Antoine! Could you tell me a little bit more about Merci Marcel? What’s the story behind your success?

Merci Marcel was founded by Marie and myself, while living in Singapore. Our vision was to create an all-day French dining destination and an independent boutique under one roof. We embraced a bohemian and artisanal spirit which is still visible across our curated gourmet food, fine drinks, art and lifestyle offerings today.

I truly believe our success is only as great as the people who support us. Our staff delight our guests from the moment they walk into the door by greeting them a friendly “Bounjour!”. Our partners supply high-quality, fresh ingredients and we employ some of the most talented chefs in Singapore.

How important is feedback in creating amazing experiences for your guests?

We simply love our guests and feedback helps to make them love us too! It helps us understand what we do well, what they expect from us and how we can serve them better.

How does Tablevibe impact your business? Did anything change since you adopted it?

We used hardcopy feedback forms prior to adopting Tablevibe. With Tablevibe, we no longer have to print forms, so we are very happy to have embraced a more eco-friendly way to collect opinions from our customers.

Up to 25% of our guests share feedback via Tablevibe with us. Delighted guests share their 5-star review directly on Google. Thanks to the survey reward ($8 off on a guests’ next visit), more guests return to enjoy the Merci Marcel experience again. This helped us drive an estimated 103X ROI.

A guest using a pilot version of Tablevibe at Merci Marcel, Tiong Bahru, Singapore

What is a noteworthy piece of feedback you acted upon?

As our patio area is a glasshouse, it can get a bit warm even with fans during hot days. After receiving a number of similar suggestions regarding the temperature in our patio, we installed extra air conditioning to curb the heat.

What is your key highlight in working with Tablevibe so far?

Merci Marcel loves working with like-minded entrepreneurs and we are happy to be one of Tablevibe’s pilot partners. Thank you for your support and assistance!

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